Characteristics of a money mindset

Characteristics of a money mindset

To develop the characteristics of a money making mindset, you need to have the ability to see solutions to every problem that people may have. You also need to have the ability to present the solutions to them in an engaging way.

Besides of that, you also need to know how much you can sell those products to them and you have to be a person who can enjoy the process to become successful in this.

The mindset of rich people

The rich people think that they need to make money through entrepreneurship and that they can enjoy a multimillionaire’s lifestyle on a modest budget. Their income is higher than their spendings.

They let people work for them through systems and they let money works for them through assets. They don’t think in terms of cash gains but more in terms of cash flow.

Nine characteristics of a money mindset

  1. A person with the right money mindset asks questions incessantly because he knows that knowledge is power. He is not afraid to lose face.
  2. A person with the right money mindset has an entrepreneurial mindset. So to him, info, products, and services are means that he can exchange for money.
  3. A person with the right money mindset is reality based. He is always learning and scaling to become successful or more successful.
  4. A person with the mindset of the rich sees in every problem opportunities in disguise to make money and disregards the problems until he has a clear vision how to resolve those problems.
  5. A rich person embraces adversities and changes because they create more opportunities to solve problems and to get richer.
  6. A rich person is always looking to makes things better.
  7. A rich person is proactive and not reactive.
  8. A rich person looks to another rich person and asks himself which system or which assets that person has used without being jealous because he knows that he can do it too with the right vehicle, right knowledge, right mentor, and right mindset.
  9. A rich person looks at an expensive object that he needs and he asks himself what he has to do so that he can afford that object.



A person with the right money mindset is always purposeful, suitable, consecrated, and effective. He knows what he wants, he emerges himself in the knowledge that he needs, and he persists till he becomes successful.

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4 responses to “Characteristics of a money mindset

Well said. A positive attitude towards every problem one encounter determines one’s outcome. With the right mindset, one can do anything and set goals on how to achieve them. A problem, with the right mindset, is only a stepping stone. But for many that have a complaining mentality, a problem is just a way to not look for or to find solutions.This same applies to many people today where they complain and want everything is done in an easy way and they want easy solutions.
But those with the right mindset are the ones doing the work and having great success. The difference is their mindset and that is what makes one stand out on what and how to find the best solutions to our problems.
Also, a right mindset will have you set goals and to reach them through perseverance and you will not derail to set a goal for a moment.

Hello, Sergio.
Thanks for your affirmation and I wish you all the best in your personal and professional development.

Good morning Nelson
I fully agree with what you write her. To learn, to understand, to find solutions, and to turn them into money, is how successful people work. I think it is not a matter of intelligence but a matter of being willing to do all it takes to reach the top. All the lazy people that complain about all their problems are, in the end, the providers for the money makers.
I hope to hear from you again and wish you a great time.

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