Click Bank University Review

Click Bank University Review

Name: Click Bank University ( CBU )


Price: $47,- monthly fee/ $594,- per year for CB Builder.

Owners: Matt Hulett, Ada Horwitz, and Justin Atlan


What is Click Bank University?

Click Bank University is a training center and community where Alan can teach you how to become a vendor and where Adam can teach you how to become an affiliate marketer. When you apply for the training you have to pay $47,- per month and they won’t tell you that it is for weekly Q & O with Adam and Justin. Because if you want, you can only pay one time for the course and you don’t have to pay monthly for the training if you don’t want to follow the Q & O sections.

You also get immediately an upsell where you have to buy the Click Bank Builder which is a builder of an opt-in page and sales funnel that you have to use in combination with the auto-responder of Aweber. The CB Builder cost $594,- but you can buy it in two installments of $297,-.

Overview of the training

The training consist of two sections. You have the affiliate section where Adam tries to teach you about the affiliate marketing, in 8 lessons. And you have the vendor section where Alan tries to teach you how to become a vendor in 12 lessons. The lessons are of good quality for newbies but you have to get more support to get acquainted with the methods. They try to give the newbies more support through weekly Q & O sections and through a Facebook group, but I think that a newbie needs more direct support.

Here you can see the affiliate program 

  • week 1: Affiliate Marketing on CB
  • week 2: Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • week 3: Finding Your Passion
  • week 4: The ultimate Affiliate Funnel
  • week 5: Free, Free, Free, always over deliver
  • week 6: Writing The Perfect Swipe
  • week 7: The email Blue Print
  • week 8: Scaling and Expanding
  • Bonus: Running Affiliate Promotion

And every week training consists of 3 or 4 video lessons.

The Toolkit

The toolkit consists of 10 tools which you have to use to become successful.

  1. GoDaddy for domain name
  2. Powerpoint for creating sales presentations
  3. Camtasia for recording and editing sales video’s
  4. Canva for designing banners, posts, and giveaways
  5. CB Builder for setting up your opt-in page and funnel
  6. Visual Website Optimizer for split testing
  7. Optimonk for increasing conversions
  8. Hootsuite for enhancing your social media
  9. Upwork for outsourcing
  10. Aweber for automating and broadcasts

For who is CBU a good deal?

Click Bank University is a good deal for the kind of people that follows:

  • people who want to become a vendor of digital products.
  • people who want to become an affiliate marketer and who has some knowledge of e-mail marketing.
  • people who want to turn their knowledge into a digital product.


  • good training for vendors
  • good training for affiliate marketers with some knowledge of e-mail marketing
  • a lot of good tools to use
  • Clickbank’s websites are user-friendly
  • weekly Q & A sections
  • weekly interview with online business guru’s
  • Clickbank Facebook group


  • you learn to create or to sell, only digital products
  • you have to wait for the unlocking of the teaching materials on a weekly basis
  • there is not an advanced SEO training
  • there is not so much support for newbies with little knowledge of e-mail marketing
  • you have to pay, a lot of money, for unexpected upsells and for a lot of tools you need

Final Opinion

Click Bank University is a good platform for people who want to become a vendor or for people who want to become an affiliate marketer who has some knowledge of e-mail marketing. They have to know something about, how to set up an opt-in page attached to an autoresponder.

An alternative

If you want to become an affiliate marketer with your own website and you don’t want to become a vendor, then I recommend you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate which has a low price for training and you can start your training even for free.

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