Customer perspective

Customer Perspective

If we want to know more about our customer perspective, we have to know what’s  a perspective and what the factors are that determine the customer perspective.

Perspective is a particular attitude toward something or way of regarding something. It’s a point of view toward something.

So customer perspective is the way that customers look at the functionality, price, and quality of a product and the service of the vendor of that product.

Functionality of the product

The functionality of a product is very important because a customer wants to buy something to resolve the problems that he may have. So you have to make the customer aware of certain benefits that he may receive when he buys your product and how well your product can help him to resolve his problems.

Quality of the product

The quality of your product is also very important because when you want to resolve a problem with a certain product, you want that product to be excellent to do its job. When you speak of quality, you can speak about durability, maintainability, keeping quality, form, appearance, taste etc.

People want stuff of good quality and they are willing to pay for it.

Price of the product

The price of a product is also very important because most of the time people look at the quality and price to determine if they want to buy a product. When you want to set a price for a product you need to know what the average price is for that product in the marketplace. If the price is too high, people won’t buy it and if it’s too low either because they will think that it’s of a lesser quality.

Service of the vendor of the product

For a lot of people, the service of the vendor is also very important. Some people like to receive guidance or support from the vendor so that they can feel secure.

Others want to feel important and they want some attention from the vendor. So security and significance are at the foundation for a lot of people to demand an excellent service.

So when we talk about the customer’s perspective or about the buyer’s perspective we have to know all those things that a buyer may think about the functionality, quality, price and service.

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