Empower Network Review

Empower Network review

Name: Empower Network

Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Owners: Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe

Price: $25/m, $19,95/m, $100/m, $500, $1000, $3500

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is an MLM company and so individuals sell products of Empower Network to the public while they earn commission for their own sales and also for sales made by the people they recruited.

It is even so that when someone that you have recruited has sold a product that they are not qualified for because they didn’t buy the product themselves, you get their commissions.

For who is Empower Network a suit?

Empower Network is a suit for everybody who wants to earn a small amount of money or who want to earn a lot of money while they can afford all the upsells that drive the price above $5000.

If you can’t afford those upsells and you have sold one of those upsells, then the commission goes to your sponsor, the one who has recruited you.

Some products of Empower Network

Empower Network sells internet marketing tools and training. Those are viral blogging system, the kaluta blogging system, and they have also a line of digital products that teach people how to make money online.

The five core products of Empower Network

  1. Kaluta blogging system: $25/m, you can start the first week with a try out of $9,-
  2. Inner Circle: $100/m, Mindset audio training, based on the teachings of the Mormons.
  3. Top Producers Formula: $500, one-time payment for online marketing skills.
  4. Team Building Formula: $1000,- Team building strategies for MLM.
  5. Mass Influence Formula: $3500,- Persuasion tactics.

Compensation Plan Empower Network

You earn commissions for the products that you have bought yourselves. If you didn’t buy a product that you have sold then the commission goes to your sponsor who has recruited you; if he had bought the product himself.

You get 70% payouts on the products that you sell. However, you pass up your second, fourth, sixth sale and every fifth sale after that, on each product.

The pros

Empower Network has a lot of High-Ticket products that can generate a good income for its online business workers.

The cons

  • In Empower Network you have too much upsells and they are ver expensive.
  • Some of the products need to be upgraded.
  • The MLM structure is disgusting.
  • If you don’t have enough money to buy a product, you can’t earn the commission for it.
  • Dave Wood’s leadership is becoming more and more disgusting.

Final opinion 

What you can get on Empower Network, you can get it elsewhere for a much lower price with a lot more support and in a better way.

For instance, you can learn to build a website for free at Wealthy Affiliate and with free hosting.

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