How to find awesome keywords

How to find awesome keywords

To find awesome keywords, we have to know what keywords are, what makes a keyword awesome and where we have to be to find those awesome keywords.

We also have to know which techniques we can use to get those awesome keywords.

Keywords definition and importance

We can define keywords as words and/or phrases that the internet users can type into search engines when they want to find information about a certain topic.

Keywords are very important because under all the words the users use to find information about a topic, they are the key to find the information. The user just has to type that keyword into the search box of a search engine and that search engine will lead the user to the information that he wants.

Characteristics of awesome keywords

The characteristics of an awesome keyword will be determined by some important metrics when looking for keywords. Some of those metrics are:

  • AVG = Average monthly traffic
  • KQI = keyword Quality Indicator
  • QSR = Quoted Search Result (the number for competing websites, ranked in Google for this exact word)

Example how to find awesome keywords

The best way to test-drive your search for an awesome keyword is to make use of par example Jaaxy. You can do this below in the box down there.

If you want to know more about Jaaxy you can go over here.


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